Proud to be designed and made in England.
David Ashton has been making award winning luxury jewellery for many years, starting as a teenager. His training as a scientific and medical instrument maker in Cambridge, then as an aircraft engineer, has provided him with a unique perspective on precision jewellery manufacture. The perfect blend of the finest materials together with uncompromising attention to detail, everything is engineered to 0.01mm tolerance. David is renowned for his expertise and has pioneered new techniques, in particular mixing various colours of 18ct gold.

David has exhibited at the Goldsmiths fair and won their prestigious awards.

David has studied with the Gemmological Association for its most prestigious accolades: Fellow of the Gemmological Association (FGA) and Diamond Member of the Gemmological Association (DGA).

Making many of his own tools, creating modern and sophisticated jewellery via traditional, precision craftsmanship, David Ashton is widely acknowledged as one of the most skilled and talented craftsman working in the UK, working in an honest, ethical way.

The shop and workshop were relocated to the iconic Oxo Tower on the South Bank in 2008, having previously been a stalwart of Gabriel’s Wharf for 25 years and a stallholder on Camden Market before that.

Often copied but never bettered (we may be slightly biased here!), the “On High” stack of rings advertising campaign has become as much a signature of David’s work as his diagonal striped bands.

David’s lifelong passion for metal, encompassing vintage cars and motorbikes as well as the precious metals he now so matchlessly works with, and his unique background in precision engineering and the arts, has placed him at the pinnacle of precision artistic achievement.