Bespoke London Jewellery handmade modern Platinum 18ct gold stacking rings.

Our website provides an indication of David’s contemporary designs and style. A starting point in owning a piece of unique jewellery hand made in his London workshop. 

During April, the shop is open for personal consultations and pick ups, strictly by appointment, whilst we complete our move upstairs.
Please call or e-mail for such

ASAP we will return to out regular hours of 
Tues to Friday 10am-3pm
Saturday 11am – 5pm

Thank you for your understanding, it is appreciated.

If you see a design you like in our collection but would like it in a different combination of metal and gemstone, please contact us to discuss the options. Whether you are commissioning a piece directly from this website or you want something altogether different, contacting us begins the fascinating two-way process of inspiration and discussion which is entirely personalised and culminates in an agreed design and price.
David will listen you your ideas, offer technical advice, and produce a piece of beautiful timeless jewellery, guaranteed to be treasured for years to come.

A stunning range is available to purchase from stock. This offers the ability to maintain an element of surprise, if for any reason it isn’t 100 % perfect, it can be exchanged for something that is. 

We will be moving the shop & workshop 2019.
Not far, just upstairs, to the the first floor river side of the OXO. If you were to stand outside our current shop and look up, slightly left, you’ll see the new shop.
To help us meet your time frame for important celebrations, landmarks and events, thus avoiding potential disappointment, it would be greatly appreciated if you please order with as much time as possible.

Working in 18ct gold and Platinum, mainly using sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and diamonds. David Ashton jewellery is truly handmade, not cast, or CAD, find out why.

David Ashton has over 30 years experience making jewellery. Therefor he knows what makes the perfect engagement ring. 18ct gold, Platinum, diamond, sapphire or ruby. Other stones, may be attractive but aren’t up to the rigours of life. These will often be recommend and used by jewellers who lack experience and knowledge.

poke London Jewellery handmade modern Platinum 18ct gold stacking rings

Gem-stones are a life time passion, prompting studies at the gemmological association in London of gem-stones & diamonds. We have significant experience in sourcing and selecting gem stones and have a unique selection of beautiful diamonds, sapphires, rubies & emeralds. David Makes rings that are designed for life, durable, comfortable, designed to be worn, all day every day….

We will gladly show you a selection, discuss and explain the technical and aesthetic considerations to ensure the stone you choose meets your requirements, and is an ongoing delight.

Meeting us considerably enhances this process. It means that you will be able to try on pieces, see what suits, and what proportions and sizes are best. We understand this isn’t always possible so are happy to offer a mail order service, using numerous technologies, to ensure all the details are perfect.

Prices are guides, for the exact item shown. The band width, finger size, stone weight and quantity, number of dots and circles etc…. can be selected to suit a design or budget.  Any size of ring can be made.

If you would like to make an appointment to discuss a commission, email or call.

When you commission a ring, we provide a silver “sizing” band – wearing this over a few days enables you to get a perfect fit.

All the images shown, are of actual pieces of jewellery David has made, photographed in the shop, by a member of staff, not computer generated or enhanced.

David’s attention to detail is legendary, everything he produces is perfect.

Metal work and stones calibrated to 0.01mm, appropriate to his training as a scientific & medical instrument maker in Cambridge, we welcome you to come in and see for yourself…..the perfect balance of technical precision, superlative standards & unrivaled artistic passion.

We pride ourselves on the highest levels of customer care and aftercare, with us it’s a lifelong relationship. Children are welcome in the shop

David Ashton is committed to the 
highest standards of social and 
environmental responsibility, all diamonds supplied are guaranteed conflict free.

Because every diamond  & gemstone is unique, each with its own precise gemmological characteristics, pricing varies. We will be pleased to work within your budget.

Following acceptance of the design and price, we generally require a 25% deposit and up to 6 weeks for production and delivery, often sooner.

People have been buying jewellery from us for more than 30 years. During that time, we have earned a reputation for honesty and integrity

You will not find David Ashton jewellery anywhere else.

It has been months now since I collected my exquisite platinum and diamond wedding ring, and I can't tell you how much pleasure I get from it every day. It replaced my original ring, which was stolen in a burglary, and is it wicked to say I much prefer this one?!? This summer I have sat quietly every day with my autistic son, just watching the tiny diamonds sparkling in the sunshine and marvelling at the lifetime of skill and talent that went into making this lovely piece – uniquely for me! I've lost four stone since it was ordered, so my fingers are a little slimmer, but thankfully not enough to make it too loose! Otherwise I'd have to fatten up again! I also remember the great kindness and generosity I was shown by the Ashtons during the process of ordering and making the ring, and that also adds to my love of it. Thank you so much!

R.Cowen London