Modern 18ct yellow gold jewellery, handmade in London.

All the images shown, are of actual pieces of jewellery David has made, photographed in the shop, by a member of staff, not computer generated or enhanced. Bespoke handmade yellow gold rings UK
David’s attention to detail is legendary, therefore everything he produces is perfect.
Metal work and stones calibrated to 0.01mm, appropriate to his training as a scientific & medical instrument maker in Cambridge. Above all we welcome you to come in and see for yourself…..the perfect balance of technical precision, superlative standards & unrivaled artistic passion.

We pride ourselves on the highest levels of customer care and aftercare, consequently it’s a lifelong relationship.

Prices are guides, for the exact item shown. Band width, finger size, stone type, weight and quantity, number of dots and circles and so on,  can be selected to suit a design or budget. Bespoke handmade yellow gold rings UK

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