Modern diamond jewellery. Designed for life, durable, comfortable, designed to be worn, all day every day but also stunningly beautiful. Simply elegant.

Having studied gemstones & diamonds at the Gemmological Association, and passed the internationally recognised  diploma( DGA)

I’ve been handling and dealing with diamonds for over 30 years. My experience and knowledge has taught me that the best thing is to actually look at diamonds. I am yet to meet someone who says a lower quality diamond looks the same or as beautiful as fine one, but at what point is the increase in cost worthwhile.

Increasing in the trade, especially on-line, computer generated images are used rather than honest unedited photographs, giving a false impression. Diamonds are a science, there is a reason why finer quality diamonds look more beautiful. They have the advantage of being the hardest gemstone, so make perfect stones for rings that need to be durable.


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