Modern eternity rings. An eternity ring, diamonds set flush evenly around, having no beginning or end. Modern eternity rings are as modern life, randomly spaced, with ups and downs. David Ashton focuses on creating the perfect & most practical setting without sacrificing style, keeping focus on the diamond, sapphire or ruby itself, which is after all the main focus of any stone set ring. David Ashton eternity rings are made in 18ct gold or Platinum. 18ct yellow & white gold diagonal stripe, or dot and circle rings are Davids signature, testament to his engineering skills. Designed to be stacked, they sit elegantly against David Ashton wedding & engagement rings. The perfect choice for an eternity ring is Diamond.  It is the most durable gemstone. Sapphire & ruby are second to diamond in hardness, also work well. To create a truly unique ring the number, size and type of stones can be varied.  Important mile stones of life can be celebrated by the addition of gems stones as and when desired.

As with all David Ashton jewellery the finest natural gem stones ensure superior brilliance, scintillation, exquisite beauty.

Longevity and comfort are ensure by setting the stones blind, without drilling though the metal to leave holes which would weaken the ring and collect everyday dirt and gunge. As with all David Ashton rings, they are handmade, wrought from 6mm square rod, 18ct gold & Platinum, not castings discover why.

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