Modern rose gold jewellery

We use 18ct gold, shown here rose gold, also know as red or pink gold. 24ct gold is pure gold,  a vivid bright yellow colour. 18ct is 18 parts in 24, or 75 %. The other 6 parts, or 25 % can vary, rose gold contains a mixture of copper and silver, depending on the way the metal is to be worked.

David’s contemporary jewellery designs and style, are showcased here, a starting point in owning a piece of unique bespoke jewellery, hand made especially for you in his London workshop. bespoke handmadeLondon rub-over set contemporary
The perfect blend of the finest materials together with uncompromising attention to detail, everything is engineered to 0.01mm tolerance. David is renowned for his expertise and has pioneered new techniques, in particular mixing various colours of 18ct gold.
David Makes engagement rings that are designed for life, they are durable, comfortable, designed to be worn, all day every day….. stunningly beautiful as well as sitting perfectly next to an wedding and eternity ring.
bespoke handmade rose gold London rub-over set contemporary

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