Modern pearl jewellery

Natural pearls are notably rare. Surprisingly Cleopatra is said to have consumed one in a glass of wine, to prove to Marc Anthony she could consume the wealth of a nation in a single meal. I have heard it said a famous jeweller traded a string of natural pearls he’d been collecting for his building on 5th Avenue, New York; a figure of $1,000,000 is often quoted as the value, back in 1917. modern pearl jewellery

Discounting plastic ,pearls that we see today are mostly cultured. Think of cultured pearls as farmed pearls. Originally produced by Mikimoto in Japan in the Early 1920’s.  His discovery of the technique of culturing pearls made pearls available and affordable to all. We have an extensive range of marine, fresh water and Tahitian pearls, available from stock, or loose to be made up as desired. modern pearl jewellery

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