Diagonal stripe ring with flush set diamonds


Available exclusively from David Ashton, 18ct yellow and white gold metal is testament to his engineering skills. Diagonal stripe is available in three widths, shown the narrowest.

David Ashton mixed metal rings, have been made for over 25 years and have become somewhat of a signature.  The pattern is all the way through the ring, so won’t wear away.

The finest brilliant cut diamonds ensure superior brilliance & scintillation.

These round brilliant cut diamonds are flush rub-over set thus very easy to wear, the diamonds are protected from damage and dirt,  will to look magnificent for years to come.

Price guide as shown 11 diamonds flush set in 18ct gold

David Ashton has over 30 years experience making jewellery. Therefor he knows what makes the perfect engagement ring. 18ct gold, Platinum, diamond, sapphire or ruby. Other stones, may be attractive but aren’t up to the rigours of life. These will often be recommend and used by jewellers who lack experience and knowledge.

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Contemporary 18ct gold wedding or eternity ring

All of our wedding, engagement and eternity rings can be made to suit your needs. Whether it’s a change in metal type, width  or gemstone, we create the perfect, one-of-a-kind ring that you are looking for. Contemporary 18ct gold wedding or eternity ring

We are always happy to discuss any particular order requirements you might have.

Above all contacting us begins the fascinating two-way process of inspiration and discussion.  This is entirely personalised and culminates in an agreed design and price.

When buying a gift, a stunning range is available to purchase direct from stock. This offers the ability to maintain an element of surprise. If for any reason it isn’t 100% perfect, it can be exchanged for something that is.

Working in 18ct gold and Platinum, David Ashton jewellery is truly handmade, not cast, or CAD, find out why.

David Ashton has over 30 years experience making jewellery. Therefor  knows what makes  perfect wedding rings. 18ct gold, Platinum, diamond, sapphire or ruby.

Meeting us at our shop considerably enhances this process.

You will be able to try on pieces, seeing what suits, what proportions are best.

If  this isn’t  possible, we are happy to e-mail and telephone. After that using photos and sketches to ensure all the details are perfect.

Prices are guides, for the exact item shown. Above all band width, finger size, stone type, weight and quantity, number of dots and circles selected to suit a design or budget.

If you would like to make an appointment to discuss a commission, email or call.



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