rub-over setting engagement rings

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Works of art for your finger, designed to stand the test of time – our rings are as beautifully designed as they are handcrafted.

  • Personal recommendation.     You made my wedding and engagement rings, then some ear rings to match. 10 years later an eternity ring and most recently and my favourite a beautiful sapphire and diamond ring for my 50th birthday. Every day I look at my rings, your amazing and unique craftsmanship, and every day they bring me so much pleasure. I love the way your designs have evolved yet retained that David Ashton style. After 22 years I still couldn’t recommend you more highly.     A.Wratten

  • My David Ashton ring makes me happy every time I see it. Luckily for me, I wear it every day. Thank you to you for creating it and to Anita Post for buying it for me 21 years ago. Its effect on me has yet to wear off! S.Rizzo

  • It has been months now since I collected my exquisite platinum and diamond wedding ring, and I can’t tell you how much pleasure I get from it every day. It replaced my original ring, which was stolen in a burglary, and is it wicked to say I much prefer this one?!? This summer I have sat quietly every day with my autistic son, just watching the tiny diamonds sparkling in the sunshine and marvelling at the lifetime of skill and talent that went into making this lovely piece – uniquely for me! I’ve lost four stone since it was ordered, so my fingers are a little slimmer, but thankfully not enough to make it too loose! Otherwise I’d have to fatten up again! I also remember the great kindness and generosity I was shown by the Ashtons during the process of ordering and making the ring, and that also adds to my love of it. Thank you so much!   R.Cowen

  • Just collected my beautiful eternity rings. Stunning – David listened to exactly what I wanted and the quality is superb. Long wanted a ring by David Ashton so a bit of a wish fulfilled for me.  K.Murray