Tahitian pearl & ruby ring.


The only pearls which are naturally black, formed in the black lipped oyster. This example is very round has a lovely lustre,  shows many different colours within the dark grey/black.

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These natural rubies, set in 18ct gold are all the finest colour, clarity &  cut, they have an amazing depth of colour perfectly balanced with brightness, find out more.

Diagonal stripe is available in three widths, shown the middle. David Ashton mixed metal rings, have been made for over 25 years and have become somewhat of a signature. The pattern is all the way through the ring, so won’t wear away.

Select the perfect union of  stones and David Ashton metal work; the jewellery created is yours alone, crafted to the exacting standards of David Ashton.

Price guide as shown 8.4mm pearl, 36 rubies,  in 18ct gold.

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Tahitian pearl & ruby ring

Our website provides an indication of David’s contemporary jewellery designs style. A starting point in owning a piece of unique bespoke jewellery, hand made especially for you in his London workshop.

If you like his style of jewellery, David will make you something to wear and treasure for many years to come.

Contacting us begins the fascinating two-way process of inspiration and discussion.  This is entirely personalised and culminates in an agreed design and price.

If you are buying a gift, a stunning range is available to purchase direct from stock. This offers the ability to maintain an element of surprise. If for any reason it isn’t 100 % perfect, it can be exchanged for something that is.

Working in 18ct gold and Platinum, David Ashton jewellery is truly handmade, not cast, or CAD, find out why.  Metal work & stones calibrated to 0.01mm, appropriate to his training as a scientific & medical instrument maker in Cambridge. David uses only the finest diamonds.

Meeting us at our shop considerably enhances this process , you will be able to try on pieces, seeing what suits, what proportions are best.

However, this isn’t always possible therefor we are happy to offer a service. Using e-mail and telephone, photos and sketches to ensure all the details are perfect.

Prices are guides, for the exact item shown. Band width, finger size, stone type, weight and quantity, number of dots and circles selected to suit a design or budget.

If you would like to make an appointment to discuss a commission, email or call.

We welcome you to come in and see for yourself. The perfect balance of technical precision, superlative standards & unrivaled artistic passion.

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