Diamonds, Sapphires & rubies flush set flower rings


These perfect brilliant cut black, white and yellow diamonds with opulent rubies and sapphires are pave set to form a flower pattern.

Perfect to wear everyday, comfortable and substantial enough to last a lifetime.

We make the bands solid, without drilling through, this makes them stronger, prevents the build up of lotions and soap which dulls the look of the stones and can cause skin irritation.

The number and colour of stones can be varied to form various patterns to create a truly unique eternity or wedding band.  This style of ring is available in numerous widths,  the narrowest can hold up to 30 stones, the widest 120,  can be made in many combinations to suit a budget or design.

Poppy pattern

Daisy pattern

Price guide for “forget me not” ring 54 sapphires, 45 white diamonds, 9 yellow diamonds set in 18ct gold.
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Diamonds, Sapphires & rubies flush set flower rings.

Our website provides an indication of David’s contemporary jewellery designs and style, a starting point in owning a piece of unique bespoke jewellery, handmade especially for you in his London workshop. Flower rings

If you like his style of jewellery, David will make you something to wear and treasure for many years to come. Whether you are commissioning a piece directly from this website or you want something altogether different, contacting us begins the fascinating two-way process of inspiration and discussion which is entirely personalised and culminates in an agreed design and price.
David will listen you your ideas, offer technical advice, and produce a piece of beautiful timeless jewellery, guaranteed to be treasured for years to come.
An extensive range is available to purchase direct from stock. This offers the ability to maintain an element of surprise, if for any reason it isn’t 100 % perfect, it can be exchanged for something that is.

Working in 18ct gold and Platinum, mainly using sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and diamonds including many natural fancy colours. David Ashton jewellery is truly handmade, not cast, or CAD, find out why.

Gem-stones are a life time passion. We have extensive stock of beautiful diamonds, sapphires, rubies & emeralds, not only in the tradition white, blue, red & green. We will gladly show you a selection of loose gem stones, discuss and explain the technical and aesthetic considerations to ensure the stone you choose meets your requirements, and is an ongoing delight.

Meeting us at our shop considerably enhances this process and also means that you will be able to try on pieces, seeing what suits, and what proportions and sizes are best.

We understand this isn’t always possible and are happy to offer a mail order service, using e-mail and telephone, to ensure all the details are perfect.

Prices are guides, for the exact item shown. We have a component price list, from which we work out the cost of each commission, band width, finger size, stone weight and quantity, number of dots and circles etc…. can be selected to suit a design or budget.

If you would like to make an appointment to discuss a commission, email or call.

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